My Family

We are a family of five. Papa, Allan, Mama, Maryvel and Kids, Mikhael (16) and Hannah (14) and Dad or Grandpa. Dad doesn’t live in the house with us, but for the past three years, since Mom passed away, Dad shares the main meal of the day with us everyday, so it almost feels like he is living with us. His house is only a few yards away from ours. We feel so very bless to be so close to him, specially in this time and age when most kids want to be as far away from their parents and family as the can be! Why? I don’t know and can’t quite understand, maybe is cultural, I don’t know. But for me, having grown up in Latin America, we treat our parents much, much different that we do here! So different, that there are hardly any old folk homes or nursing homes! No such a thing! We are our parents responsibility while growing up, and when they are old, they become our responsibility, fair enough, don’t you think?

We live on a farm in the province of Saskatchewan in Canada. Therefore we are grain and Cattle farmers but we also do other things. My husband besides from being a farmer, is also the pastor of the Eigenheim Mennonite Church, Teacher of Theology and other subjects at Bethany Bible College in Hepburn and during the summer months he works as head guide at the Historical Provincial Park of Fort Carlton. I have had the privilege and the honour of being a Stay at Home Mom most of our married life (20 years) and I love every minute of it. I help Allan with as much of his work as I can. I do most of the secretarial and administrative part of our church work, plus the visitations and tending to company and all that kind of staff.

On my “spare” time, I love to take pictures and have recently and officially made it a business. I am calling it, "A Moment In Time Photography", feel free to take a look! I love to photograph families, babies, children, expectant mothers, couples, teenagers but also love to photograph birds, wild life, flowers, actually everything and anything!

Thank you for your time and your visit. You are most welcome to come back and say “HELLO” any time!