Week 51 - "Hilarious Outtakes" Photo Challenge - I ♥ Faces

Our kids can be pretty funny sometimes! I guess most kids are, eh? I find this pictures of the kids, quite hilarious, so I thought I would submitt them here for my first entry in the I ♥ Faces Challenge! I discover this site through my cousin and I am really enjoying it. I hope this is the first of many more challenges to come! Hopefully I can find pictures that will feel the theme! Does anybody knows where can we make suggestions for future challenges? I have a few ideas that I wouldn't mind sharing! 

Thank you for your visit and come back soon!

UPDATE! - Well, I was so busy trying to get my blog ready for everyone to see, that but the time I made it over to I ♥ Faces to submit my entry, the challenge was already closed! Sad, VERY sad! Oh well, better luck next week, I guess! See ya!!!