My name is Maryvel Friesen and I love Photgraphy! I love many other things too but photography is VERY special to me. It is in my genes! My brother loves photography and father used do a lot of photography too when we were little, he even had his own dark room and developed his own pictures!  I was born and raised in Colombia, South America, but for the last 20 years I have lived here in Saskatchewan in our farm with the best man in the Whole Wide World. We have two wonderful kids, who are teenagers right now and sure keeps us on our toes! They are my pride and joy! We also have a dog (Maya), cows, sometimes we have sheep and cute little lambs, and chickens that provide us with delicious fresh farm eggs, everyday! And now, we even have a horse on our farm! something I never thought would ever happen because of my husband serious allergies to them, but not any more, thanks to "Curly Horses" an amazing kind of hypo allergenic horse, they are simply amazing!I DO love our life on the farm and thank God for this wonderful blessing, everyday!

I love snapping pictures of everything that surrounds me! Landscapes, animals, people, anything! It makes me feel alive and happy to be able to capture memories and treasure them for life! That's how this blog was born, just as an outlet to share with others my love and passion for photography! Enjoy your stay and come as often as you want!