You Capture - 2009 The Year in Review Challenge

Well, here I am participating in another photo challenge, I don't even remember how did I find this site call "I Should be Folding Laundry" but I am glad I did, they have weekly photo challenges call "You Capture" with different themes every week, any one can participate, so why not? Is not like I don't have enough pictures in my hard drive, eh? May as well used them! This week challenge is 2009 year in review and let me tell you this was a REAL challenge for me! How do you pick only a few of your favourite photos out of hundreds and hundreds? I tried real hard but the best I could do was cut them down to 25, that was it! So I decided than rather than displaying them one by one, I would just put them on a flash presentation so hope that is OK and that you enjoy it! Living on a farm my world revolves mostly around nature, animals, fields, wild life and of course my family! This are the things I observe all year through and love to photograph, things that God created for us to care for and enjoy!

  • I love the Spring time and can't get enough of all the beautiful birds that little by little return to our yard every year, each month seem to bring a different kind!
  • Summer with so many beautiful flowers to enjoy.
  • Late Summer and fall is the time to enjoy our wild life, beautiful wheat, canola and flax fields, and of course the blessings of harvest time!
  • And this year a new creature join our farm! A horse named, Satin Savannah. Something we never thought possible because of my husband serious allergies to them, but NOT anymore, thank you to curly horses.


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Caroline said...

There are some really lovely shots in there :D
Thanks for stopping by my blog too!

Marla said...

These are some seriously beautiful images - the wildlife. . . oh my - just amazing that you can capture some of this stuff! Great work!

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