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OK, this week for U-Capture over at "I Should Be Folding Laundry"  I really tried to take the assignment at heart! The assignment was: "I want you to share with all of us, what you love, what fills you with joy but remember…GET CREATIVE with your photography.  Try new angles and different perspectives, edit the photos differently, make these everyday items into ART". As I thought and thought about this I took a look at the piano and I knew it! One of the things I lvoe the most is watching and hearing Hannah play the piano! You know is what of those dreams you had for yourself but that some how you couldn't make it reality so some how you hope that your kids make your dream come true! This is so true for me with Hannah. Also, thinking on trying to make something different with the picture, to make it somewhat "artsy" as I have been looking at so many pictures these weeks, I have been noticing these really neat effects on so many pictures and I finally found out what that is all about! It is call "Actions" and they are the most amazing thing I have ever seen! The main problem with "Actions" is that they are mostly design for Adobe Photoshop which I don't have, and they are also expensive to get,  but thankfully some VERY nice people out there has dedicated time and effort to also make this "Actions" available to work with Photoshop Elements which is what I have and best of all, they have made them available to us for FREE! God bless their hearts! So my most sincere and heartfelt "THANK YOU" to Rita at the "Coffee Shop" for this wonderful gift! This is A LOT of fun and this is my very first project! I am so looking forward to continue to learn and improve! I LOVE learning new things, new techiques, if only I would have more time!

I Would love to hear what you think and if you also use Actions and maybe some tips on how to use them and where to find some more wonderful freebies? Thanks!

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Melissa said...

You did an awesome job capturing this! And editing with this action! How fun huh? MCP Actions also has about 8 free ones if you go through the shop actions section, check it out
Good Luck and have fun with them!

L. Siyam said...

Hi! Thanks for checking on me. I've been lazy this days and that's why I have not updated my blog. But I will this week.
Great picture, by the way! and I love the ones about your winter life too.

WackyMummy said...

Nice effect. =)

Life with Kaishon said...

Wow. You did an outstanding job with your picture. I just love it! I also just have elements so I don't use actions often! Rita is such a gem, isn't she? It is so kind of her to share with so many people! I love nice people like that!

Lena said...

Beautiful shot! And I love the action effect.
I haven't started using those myself yet, and this got me excited to try some out.

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