Before and After - April 29, 2010

I am so . . . . excited!! As you may have noticed already, my edit of the cute ponies was voted the most voted!! Thank so much for voting for me! I have never won anything before so this means the world to me! To show my appreciation, I will be making this picture available for download here, very soon,  in full resolution, in case you want to use it to make a card or a print to hang or your wall or how ever you see fit! All I ask is that you don't claim it as your own or re-distribute it through your site or any other outlet. It is still my picture and my edit, therefore I still hold the copyrights! Thanks!

Now of course, this makes things a little bit worrisome for me!  Now the pressure is on to come with something just as good or even better, I am not sure this week entry is going to fulfil your expectations but here it is! I edited this picture using Photoshop CS4 and a really neat and easy tutorial that Tracy so kindly shared with me, hope she will be OK with me sharing it here as well. This same look can also be achieved using MCP All in the details Photoshop Actions, Color Extreme Action, but I like the result with this tutorial better, it's somehow brighter and best of all it is FREE! LOL!!!


1. Copy your background layer
2. Convert mode to Lab Color Mode (Go to Image/ Mode / Lab Color
3. Add a Curves layer; 75% Opacity; Multiply mode – adjust curves layer to taste
(make color stand out to your liking; don’t worry about faces being too bright or
weird as you can mask that out later)
4. Add another Curves layer; 25% Opacity; Screen mode. Leave curve at default
(no need to adjust). This will just brighten your image.
5. Flatten your layers
6. Convert back to RGB mode
7. Paste the background layer you copied in step one on top
8. Change the name on the vivid layer to something other than “Background” and
70% Opacity
9. Rename the pasted layer to “Background”
10. Move the vivid layer to the top
11. Add a Channel Mixer Layer with these settings;
a. RED…Red 140; Green -20; Blue -20
b. GREEN…Red -20; Green 140; Blue-20
c. BLUE…Red-20; Green-20; Blue140
12. Rename this layer if you want and change to 50%Opacity
13. Make a Group and add a layer mask so you can paint on color
14. Use a soft white brush to paint on vivid color where you want it.
In the end you should have a group with a mask on it ; under group the Channel Mixer
layer; then the Vivid Color layer. The last layer or bottom layer (not part of the group)
is the background.