Before and After - My first Post!

As I was surfing the net the other day I found a link to this really neat challenge! Yeah, I know, I do like participating in challenges! LOL!!! This I particularly like b/c I enjoy Editing pictues VERY MUCH!! In the last few months since I got Photoshop CS4 it has been such a fun and learnig experience! I must admit it did intimated me quite a bit when I just got it, but after much research, study and practice I relize it is not as hard as it seems at firs! Like they say, "practice, makes perfect" not that I claim to know it all either, I am still learning, but it gets easier and better everyday! I also found some REALLY nice and helpful people here right away, VERY willing to answer questions and just very nice folks, so I was sold! OK, here then is my first entry!

Yesterday as we were taking a drive quite a ways from here, I had the chance to take a few pictures, not as many as I would have wanted but in any case, we drove by this place that had Shetland ponies and one of them was a baby, we had to stop and take a picture! They were so . . . cute and so . . . little!!! Unfortunetely as soon as we got out of the truck they run away! so it made more dificult to photograph! Also the yeard had quite a bit of junk right by were the ponies were, so that didn't make for a good background at all! Any way, here is what I did with the picture, all in Photoshop CS4.

First of all I started with my SOOC shot! Then . . . .


* LOTS of croping to bring the ponies closer!
* Applied beautiful FREE from Flicker Painted Canvas Texture and played with the opacity in the normal mode.
* Applied a mask and work on bringing out the ponies, also sharpen them a bit
* Use the "Patch Tool" to remove the cow that was out of place!
* Applied a soft Vigenette
* Did some more sharpening, color burn and color dodge
* Applied my watermark
* Use Moirai Compositor (best all around story board maker!) for the collage and that it!

So???? What do you think? Do you like it??

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email me or leave a comment, I will try to get back to you as soon as I can! 

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