U Capture - Spring!

I LOVE Spring! Year after year I wait and wait for winter to be over, the snow melted and finally see everything to come ALIVE again! This year I have most happy because Spring come quite early, up to this last week we had some awesome and beautiful weather, what a blessing! Even the leafs are out already, earliest that I have ever seen since I moved to Canada! Makes my heart so . . . happy!

So what is Spring to me? Spring is the return of my beloved birds, the time to plan a garden and the joy of leaves and flowers and new life all around us! 

This week I also tried something new for presenting my pictures! Something I had wanted to do for a while, a sort of Digital Scapbooking page! I don't really know anything about scrapbooking but it was fun learning and trying new things! Hope you like it!

To see more Spring captures, please visit Beth over at "I should be folding laundry"

Have a great week everyone and enjoy the Spring!