Mom n' Me Monday

   As many other mothers out there who are always behind the camera, I am VERY seldom in front of it! Except on Mother's Day! I have made it a tradition that on Mother's Day I MUST have a picture taken with my kiddos! As they get older and older, taking this pictures becomes more and more difficult! Teen agers! Go figure! My daughter is still OK with it, but my son . . . well, that is a whole different story, but at least on Mother's Day he is actually quite willing! I tell him that this is the ONLY present I want from him, to poss nicely for my picture, that's all! He said as long as I didn't tag him on Facebook, he was OK with it! LOL!!! 

    My hubby got me a super-present for Mother's Day, a Wireless Shutter Release for my Nikon D700 so of course I had to use it yesterday to take our picture! I LOVE it! It works great! So here it is what I come up with!  I worked on this last night not really knowing where, how or when I was going to use it, so today when I saw the link to this challenge of course I thought, this is it!  It is perfect, so here it is! Thanks so much for dropping by and for your comments! To see more "Mom n' Me" photos, please click on the button!

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