Before and After - July 14, 2010

I am a bit early this week, but since I missed last week altogether I thought may as well post this now while I have the time! 

This weekend hubby, daughter, and I spent a little bit of the time on the road! Actually the trip was mostly because of my husband work, but in any case, it gave us a good excuse to get out and do something different, meet some new people and just take a little break! We went to St. Walburg, SK for the rededication of Fort Pitt. Fort Pitt was an early Hudson's Bay Company fur trading post that was strategically located on the north bank of the North Saskatchewan River along the Carlton Trail halfway between Fort Carlton and Fort Edmonton. During the period of the fur trade, it was an important trading and commerce centre. 

At the ceremony there were quite a few people from a nearby Hutterite Colony, who also took part on the celebration. I couldn't help but to snaps a few pictures of the girls, they just look so cute on their Hutterite outfits! I asked if they would mind but they didn't and actually seem to quite enjoy it. This one here is one my favorites, I think her expresion is just priceless!

Tonight I also found the most amazing PS tutorial at the Shadow House Creations, "Image Pop and Blur/Overlay Effects" you got to check it out! It is super easy, fast and I love the way it bring out the colors and give the picture a bit of dreamy look as you can see in the "After" picture! So go ahed, check it out and give it a try!

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