Black and White Wednesday - 08-24-2010

This past Sunday my family and I went for a drive to visit a place we have heard of quite a few times but have never seen yet! The place isn't even that far from our place, maybe not even two hours drive. The place we went to see is call "The Crooked Bush". It is actually quite a small place but a very interesting one! There in the middle of nowhere, in someones land, there is this bush, full of like it name says it, crooked trees! All of them, growing in all sorts of forms and twists! Some have only grow vertically and some horizontally. Some are pretty small and some are pretty big. They have built a very nice boardwalk so that makes it really nice to get in there and being able to see them all! I have posted quite a few photos on them in Facebook, if you are interested to see even more pictures then please visit this link, it should work even if you do not have a Facebook account! That link is:

I did a bit of "Googling" trying to find out why this bush is like that, specially when right across the road from this bush, the next bush is completely perfect! With perfect straight poplar trees! It seems it is all due to some kind of genetic mutation, one tree that mutated and started it all! They figured it has nothing to do with this specific location, because when one of these seedlings was taken and planted somewhere else, it grew exactly like that! Crooked! Any way, it all very mysterious and VERY interesting to see! So if you ever around this corner of the world you should go and take a look for yourselve! The place is close to Hafford, Saskatchewan, 16 km. North of Hwy 40, near Speers and then 2.5 km. East.
So for this week, I picked one of those pictures for you! Enjoy! And to see even more Black and White pictures, please visit "The Long Road to China".