Black and White Wednesday!

Hello Everyone! Long time no see! Well I am back, may as well try and have some fun while we try to keep warm in this terribly cold Canadian winter! It has been so terribly cold these past few days it just makes one wish eagerly for Spring time! We have so . . . much snow, you wouldn't believe it! We are just about buried in it! LOL!!! I hadn't been at "The Coffee Shop" for a while, so I decided to pay her a visit last night and ended up spending a LONG time in her site! Man, she has so many wonderful things there! Amazing! but best of all, EVERYTHING IS FREE! Really, pretty hard to believe in this and age, that you can actually find some FREE and wonderful staff on the web! So I went nuts downloading all kinds of goodies, mainly PS actions, frames and textures and went to town with them this morning! So . . . much fun! I have had this picture sitting in my pictures folder for a few weeks already waiting to get done something done with it, so I though some black and White fun would work with it, and I think it really does, don't you think? Don't ask me how they managed to put those trucks in there but I thought that was pretty neat, eh? Any way, have a great, happy Wednesday and hopefully you will enjoy this shot! 

Special THANKS to "The Coffee Shop" for the wonderful FREE goodies! :)

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