Project 64 - SCARLET

Hello Project 64 friends! Let me say first of all, that is my very first time participating in this challenge! I found about it last week and was really looking forward to be able to participate! I have no idea whether I am getting this right or wrong, not sure whether the picture has to show a solid colour or like in my case hues of it? My world right now is pretty color-less, pretty black and white with a bit of green from our ever greens! so for challenges like these I had to dig into my archives, hope that all right? Like I said, I am newby here so I am not sure about the rules.

I wasn't sure what the colour "Scarlet" was suppose to look like, so I did a bit of searching and got a few samples from the internet, got their "Hex Code" and this is the result:

Based on this little chart, I searched my photo archives and this is the closet I could found! Some flowers from the garden and a card that I made last fall, as far as which one to submit, I am not sure! Would mind helping me decide? Or do you think neither of them really qualify? I would REALLY appreciate your imput!



For more scarlet photos, please visit:

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