Project 64 - Week 14 - Burnt Sienna

Well, this week we had quite a challenge! Not only with the colour itself, but on top if all, Brooke challenge us to try and put  this weeks colour find in a diptych or triptych! First of all I had no idea what that meant! but she explained ("A diptych is simply a pair of photos that go together, rather it be the same object taken at different angles or two photos that just complement each other") and gave us a sample so I hope I got it right! I was going crazy looking for this colour everywhere in the house, with not much luck. Then in the middle of the week I had to go out somewhere and as I walked outside of the garage there it was! Right in front of me what I think is the perfect shade of burnt sienna! I so love this tree and have taken MANY pictures by it, the bark colour really is stunning. Don't asked me the name of this tree though I don't got a clue! Mom planted it some 30+ years ago when they started this yard and she is not around anymore for me to ask her! :( Any way, what do you think? Pretty close?

Thank you so much for your visit and kind comments, they are ALWAYS very much appreciate it!


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