Project 64 - Week 18 - Tumbleweed

Well, I am back! I really like this week's colour and actually I could see it in quite a few different places, I guess mainly because is sort of a fall colour, and since not much around here is green yet, this colour is still quite predominant in our surroundings! Any way, as I was driving around trying to decide what to shot for this challenge, we run into a herd of Antelope and I thought they had the perfect colour for this, what do you think? Actually pretty much about this picture with them standing on the stable of a canola field, had that Tumbleweed colour! And in case you are curious as to why the picture look like a painting, I used PS CS5 to edit the photo using the Pixel Bender plug-in. Hope you like it!

Thanks for your visit and have a great week! 

I am over the moon! My picture was chosen favourite of the week!

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