Project 64 - Week 18 - Yellow Orange

Hello There! This week I would like to share what I think is the perfect Yellow Orange pic! This flower you see here, is our Provicial Flower Emblem. It's name is: WESTERN RED LILY (Lily Philadelphicum)
    'The Western Red Lily also known as the Prairie Lily, was adopted as the floral emblem of Saskatchewan in 1941. The Plains Indians and early settlers used the lily for medicinal and food purposes. Tea brewed from the lily treated stomach disorders, coughs, and fevers. Poultices were applied for swellings, bruises, spider bites, and wounds. Steamed lily was considered a potato substitute. A picture of the lily was placed on the Saskatchewan flag to remind people of wildflowers." 
    "Historically the flower was abundant in Saskatchewan. With its bright orange petals it was easy to spot in moist meadows and semi wooded areas. Today, mostly due to loss of native habitat, this lily is becoming increasingly difficult to find in the wild."

Isn't it stunning flower? I love it! It is too bad it is almost extinct now!


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