Scripture and a Snapshot - Week 32

What a wonderful Spring Day! Finally the days are really getting so much warmer and nicer! One of the things we enjoyed the most about Spring is the return of wildlife! Every morning we have hundreds and hundreds of Snow and Canada Geese flying right over our farm as the move from the river into the fields to eat lentils, wheat and oats left from the fall harvest! Is quite a site to see! We are also enjoying the return of the ducks and the swans, those we only seem to be able to see in the Spring and they will soon disappear too! =( so I was happy to be able to capture them this morning as we were driving to church. When I looked at them, this is the verse that intermediately come to mind. We have had a couple of rough weeks with a number of deaths in our congregations and in our community so I am really looking forward to the Lord lettings us rest in some nice, quiet waters soon!