Scripture and Snaphot - Week 43

For a while now we had been hearing a very pretty song from a bird in our yard but had no idea what it was! This week I manged to find out who was singing such a pretty song! It was this cute, little thing, a House Wren, somewhere I read a quote that said . . ." Small bird with a BIG song", which really is true! As I was thinking of a verse for this picture I found this one and really, REALLY liked it! We have had a tough week dealing with Dad being in the hospital and now home, trying to adapt to this new reality of him getting old and more and more dependent of us. We used to depend on him so much and I know this is just as hard for him as it for us. But the only thing that has helped us through if all of course if has been prayer and trust in God. He has certainly been our fortress and our refuge in times of trouble! Tomorrow we are celebrating "Singing Sunday" in our church, we do this every summer, so I will be singing to the Lord, to his strength and his love, in our time of troubles!