As I was surfing around, I found this neat link or Linkup I should say, called, "Where I Blog" and of course found it quite interesting to see where other blog as well. So here is a photo of the place where I blog and do all my computer related work, including my photography and church work. A couple of years ago, I decided to turn this bedroom into a study! It was suppose to be and it was for a while, my husband's study and then later on it also become my craft room. Somehow hubby didn't seems to use the room as much as he should have and in the mean time I got tired of having my "study" in the living room, so I decided to take over this room, make it MY study and fixed hubby his own space in our bedroom since that was the place where he preferred to be! Needless to say I LOVE my new space and spend A LOT of time in here, way more than hubby ever did! I love it that when I need my quiet time, I can just close the door and have as much privacy as I want! So, there you have it, now when you think of me, you know exactly what the my space looks like! I would love to see what the space where you blog looks like too, so go ahead, join us in this challenge! Don't you think is fun?