Scripture & a Snapshot - Week 48

At the beginning of this week, we had the opportunity and the privilege to take a little and I mean little (3 days) holiday! 2 of those days were mainly driving but it is OK. The main day there we spent it visiting Banff and Lake Louise in the province of Alberta, here in Canada. This is such a beautiful part of our country! Very different that our prairies where everything is so flat (but pretty too! ;) That area is rich in mountains, forest, wild life and amazing beautiful greenish, blueish lakes and rivers, simply amazing in colour! We heard this is cause by something that comes in the water from the melting glaciers. Any ways, we had a great time and tried to really relax and just take the whole day in. Like this verse said, he really lead us besides quiet waters and restore our souls. What a wonderful and perfect way to experience God magnificent creation! Praise, Honour and Glory be only to him!