It's Friday, Friday!!! What a busy, HOT, tiring and rewarding week it has been! God has blessed us with wonderful harvest weather, though a bit too HOT but not complaining here, way better than rain, right? He has also blessed us with a wonderful, abundant and bountiful harvest and we are so . . . thankful words simply can not express how grateful we are! I guess we had been so busy with it that I have forgotten completly about taking some photos of it, so last night I quickly hopped on the RTV with my daugther and took off to the field to take some shots as the sun was going down and just before hubby finished that field! Rigth on time! So this is definetely my favorite picture of the week. And another favourite for scripture Sunday, love the verse that goes with it!

Hope you ALL are also being bless wherever you are and on whatever you are doing!
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