I am grateful to God for . . .

This weekend up here in Canada we are celebrating THANKSGIVING. Our family is pretty small and most of them are outside our province so we don't really get together for this occasion, so it is always just us four and of course Grandpa! I guess like most families, we enjoyed the Turkey meal very much and just try and have a nice relaxing day, well, mostly afternoon for me anyway, since I spend all morning in the kitchen preparing the meal! LOL!!

This year I am particularly grateful to God for . . .
  • The wonderful and abundant harvest he provided us with! For the unbelievable weather that allow most farmers to harvest their fields with minimal loss of quality on the grains.
  • For a warm home and loving family.
  • For the chance my son had of spending three months in my native home (Colombia) with my family, for his graduation from grade 12 and the job he now has.
  • For God's provision and faithfulness every single day!
  • For health.
  • For our church family.
  • For taking care not only of us, but also of our families near and far.
  • For being able to capture the wonder and the beauty of HIS beautiful creation through my lens and being able to share with others.
  • For the many new friends I have made this year!

For all of this and so much more dear Lord, we give you THANKS!! To you, and ONLY you, be Glory, Honour and Praise!

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