LIttle Gems.

I am enjoying "Friday Finds" very much. It gives me a good reason and a good excuse to pay a little bit more attention to the things I see around during week, and capture them in "film". This week I am overjoyed with my find. These sweet little gems. To me they really are! They are the one thing I so look forward during the summer, tomatoes! There is just NOTHING out there like summer garden grown tomatoes! I get so tired of the store bought tomatoes, so tasteless sometimes. So when tomatoes start to even slightly ripen, they are off the plant and right into my plate! I LOVE tomatoes, and I mean I LOVE them. I can and pretty well eat them everyday with every meal, raw, in salad, cooked, anytime, anyway!

God certainly will be blessing us this year again with a good harvest! We are forever grateful. To him be the honour and the glory now and forever more!

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